News: 1. Smile

1. Smile

Beauty is skin-deep. But truth is, a lot of people will also judge you by how you look. There are people who don't necessarily look striking but still manage to be a knockout.

How do they do it? Read on.

Before you approach, meet or talk to anyone, SMILE. It's a very simple five-letter word but it can change the way people treat you. When you smile, the other person will know that what you are about to say is something great. 

When you smile, you get the other person's attention so that you don't need beauty, a nice car or pricey clothes to get noticed. Smiling at someone can change the mood of the person.

Also, you can smile at anyone. The doorman who opens the door for you, the salesman you share the elevator with, or the cleaning lady, they all deserve a warm sincere smile.

When you smile at random people, they would feel weird at first but it will change the course of the day for them. A single smile, because it is infectious, can change the way your community is. Who knows, the random person you smile at is carrying a heavy burden? 

Smiling may not be the solution to everyone else's maladies but it would surely make a difference.

So make a mental note before approaching or talking to anyone--whether it is the first time or you've seen so much of each other already, SMILE.

See, smiling will not only help you become a knockout, you can also brighten up someone else's day!

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